First of all, you’ll be advised to do sex therapy. If sex therapy does not work, then do the other way by using drugs. Drugs to overcome premature ejaculation are an efficacious drug to control ejaculation. There are several types of drugs that can control ejaculation depends on the cause. Because the cause is much related to the function of serotonin, we need drugs that regulate serotonin function.

 Furthermore, Drugs for example, class SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). However, considering the side effects, you had better not get it with no doctor prescription."

 Because these drugs have side effects, its use should be under medical supervision.

As explained above, there are medications to control ejaculation. If premature ejaculation is caused by erection problems, then by improving erectile function, ejaculation can be inhibited. So erectile dysfunction drug is useful if premature ejaculation is caused by erection problems.

Another way of treatment is by an nerve operations procedure to control the occurrence of ejaculation. But this way, though ever carried out in certain countries, until now it was not popular and not widely used.

As for supplements, many claim to be able to cure premature ejaculation but without any clinical test results. So if you want to try any supplements, make sure the supplements are equipped with evidence based clinical trials.

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